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    AppFormix supports plug-ins that can push metrics to AppFormix for a particular host. The Ansible playbook installs the plug-in on the agent and adds the configuration in the AppFormix Platform.

    Add a User-Defined Plug-In

    All user-defined plug-ins must be added using the appformix_add_plugin.yml playbook. Given an executable file with the valid output format and plug-ins. Add two variables, plugin_file and plugin_command and run the following playbook. Ansible will install the plug-in file on the hosts.

        ansible-playbook -i sample_inventory \
           appformix_add_plugin.yml \
           -e plugin_file="" \
           -e plugin_command="./"

    Configure a Supported Plug-In

    AppFormix includes a set of supported plug-ins in the certified_plugins directory of the release bundle. You can configure a supported plug-in to be installed by setting the appformix_plugins variable in Ansible and running the installation playbook. For example:

            - { plugin_info: 'certified_plugins/contrail_vrouter.json' }
            - { plugin_info: 'certified_plugins/cassandra_node_usage.json' }
            - { plugin_info: 'certified_plugins/zookeeper_usage.json' }

    Modified: 2017-11-12