Issues in Advanced Insight Scripts (AI-Scripts)

Current Software Release

The current AI-Scripts release is Release 3.7R1.

Outstanding Issues

The following issues exist in the current AI-Scripts release:

Issues Fixed Since Last Release

The following issues have been fixed in this AI-Scripts release:

Junos OS PRs That Affect AI-Scripts

The complete list of Junos OS PRs that affect AI-Scripts can be found at

Service Now will also provide a proactive warning when an event profile is installed on a device, to notify any known issues.

Junos Space - Service Now/AI-Scripts Compatibility Matrix

The 3.7R1 release of AI-Scripts Install-Package is compatible with the software release 13.1R1 of Junos Space Service Now; and 10.0R1 and later releases of Junos Software.

Refer to the full compatibility matrix at