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使用瞻博网络 Mist SDK(软件开发工具包)开发应用程序时,可以添加通知。例如,当用户进入您的建筑物时,您可以显示问候语。当客户接近销售展示时,您可以显示特别优惠。

要设置这些通知, 将 虚拟信标 添加到您的平面图中.因为信标是虚拟的, 您可以根据需要添加任意数量的信标.对于每一个,指定要显示的消息或网页,并定义覆盖区域。当您的移动应用程序用户进入虚拟信标的覆盖区域时, 如下面的粉红色所示, 指定的消息或网页将显示在应用程序中.


Now what are these virtual beacons? These virtual beacons what you see here, essentially, is a point on the floor plan that enables you to configure interactive experiences. This could be augmented reality, where you could look around different locations and see different things pop up, or it will literally be an indoor push notification as you walk in that area first for you, again, based on whether or not you identify it in the system.

So and this is again that process pattern we got that I talked about earlier thanks to Bob. When instead of having to deploy hundreds of battery beacons to trigger push notifications or to enable wayfinding, all you're doing here is you're deploying your Wi-Fi access point deployed with the Mist virtual beacon directional antenna array. And just for that, you visualize your entire floorplan. Now you can create these points of interest, these points of experience. All you do is go into the Mist portal add a virtual beacon, drag and drop this virtual beacon anywhere on the floor plan where you have the coverage and trigger a push notification.

We have a built in very basic CRM to show the are the possible? But for example, imagine an an all hands event or a speaker sessi on in a public venue where you can now trigger a push notification indoors. We're all familiar with GPS based notifications when we are driving by a highway to get Ad for thing as we're passing by. Similar experiences can now be enabled indoors leveraging the Bluetooth network that is being transmitted by the Mist access point and the SDK interacting with that network leveraging machine learning in the cloud.

So just very quickly here, we put nothing physical out there on that floor plan. At that point of interest, all we did was create a virtual beacon, tie it to a particular campaign or particular message. As a mobile app user company of this area, they will automatically see that information that might show up on the lock screen, and that could be any contextual method you choose. So, again, from management perspective, from a different perspective, all those concerns go away. They get mitigated. Nothing's particular except for the network in the ceiling, create as many interactive experiences as you want, leveraging virtual beacons, no limit on the number of virtual beacons we can be can deploy. All you want to look at is what is the experience you want to enable.


将虚拟信标添加到平面图中。请参阅 将虚拟信标添加到平面图


  1. 从瞻博网络 Mist 门户的左侧菜单中,选择位置>实时取景
  2. 单击场地和平面图。
  3. 确保平面图显示虚拟信标及其覆盖区域:
    1. 单击“设置”按钮(靠近页面右上角)。
      Settings button
    2. 在弹出窗口中,选中显示虚拟信标显示虚拟信标覆盖范围复选框。
      cropped image of the Settings pop-up window, showing the checkboxes for Show Virtual Beacons and Show Virtual Beacons Coverage
    3. 关闭弹出窗口。
  4. 为每个虚拟信标配置通知:
    1. 单击虚拟信标。
    2. 单击“快速编辑”(靠近页面右下角)。
    3. 输入名称以唯一标识平面图上的此虚拟信标.
    4. 输入当用户进入此虚拟信标的覆盖区域时要在应用程序中显示的消息URL.

    5. 单击保存以将设置保存在快速编辑弹出窗口中。
  5. 测试应用程序以确保通知按预期显示。如果需要,请调整虚拟信标的覆盖区域。


    Example: virtual beacons on a floorplan with pink circles


    1. 单击虚拟信标。
    2. 单击“快速编辑 ”(靠近页面右下角)。
    3. 调整发射功率以使覆盖区域更大或更小。

      • 如果地图上的粉红色区域小于所需的覆盖区域,请向右拖动 “发射功率 ”控件。保存设置后,粉红色圆圈将扩大。

      • 如果粉色区域太大,请将 发射功率拖 到左侧。保存设置后,粉红色圆圈将变窄。

    4. 单击保存以将设置保存在快速编辑弹出窗口中。