Juniper Networks Books

Juniper Networks Books works with reputable book publishers around the world to publish networking tracts for use in the field or classroom, and publishes its own suite of books and eBooks within the Day One library. All books are authored, edited, and reviewed by Juniper Networks subject matter experts and engineers, and are singularly focused on network productivity and efficiency.

New and Noteworthy
  • Juniper QFX10000 Series

    Learn how to use the next-generation QFX10000 Series to build everything from web-scale data centers to traditional enterprise IT data centers and more, all backed with concrete examples that show off the high logical scale, deep buffers, and feature-rich functionality of the QFX10000 Series. It’s a showcase book for DC architects, engineers, and administrators. Available at Amazon US, or Amazon UK.

  • Day One Poster: Precision Time Protocol

    How many clocks does it take to ensure the world’s financial services industry trades on time? From master clocks to boundary clocks, Juniper keeps track of it all with the help of PTP.

  • Day One Poster: Introducing Junos Fusion Enterprise

    Juniper brings Junos Fusion technology to Enterprise switching networks and here’s a graphic reminder to hang on your wall, color your cube, or inform your meeting room.

  • Automating Junos Administration

    How do you grow and maintain a reliable, flexible, and cost-efficient network in the face of ever-increasing demands – by using Junos automation features, that’s how. With this practical guide, network engineers will learn how to program Juniper network devices to perform day-to-day tasks.
    Available MAY 2016 from

  • Day One Poster: Junos CoS

    This two-page poster provides a colorful overview of the core components of both the theory and the configuration of Junos CoS. Whether you’re new to Junos C0S or want a quick reference, you’ll want these hanging on your office wall.

  • Day One: vMX Up and Running

    Get the vMX up and running in your lab on Ubuntu’s Linux. Then build a sample topology and learn how to scale it. This Day One book provides a detailed walkthrough of the vMX equipping you with a foundation to start building your own networks and labs. It’s fast and it’s easy with the vMX.

  • MPLS in the SDN Era

    How can you make multivendor services work smoothly on today’s complex networks? Two network and cloud professionals from Juniper describe how MPLS technologies and applications have rapidly evolved through services and architectures such as Ethernet VPNs, Network Function Virtualization, Seamless MPLS, Egress Protection, External Path Computation, and more. This practical book shows you how to deploy a large portfolio of multivendor Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) services on networks, down to the configuration level.
    Available from Amazon.

  • QoS-Enabled Networks, Second Edition

    This new Second Edition of QoS Enabled Networks gives special attention to the realm of data centers, by providing a lucid understanding of modern QoS theory mechanisms in packet networks and focusing on the tools and foundations in order to understand what can be built on top of it.

The Day One library gives you just the information you need to complete a task on day one. The series covers Junos OS and Juniper Networks networking essentials with straightforward explanations, step-by-step instructions, and practical examples that are easy to follow.

The past decade has been a period of enormous network growth and shows no sign of slowing in the next decade. To meet this demand, network engineering needs to distinguish itself every few years, and these books are the place where that innovation and discussion is documented and shared with the world.

Juniper has partnered with O’Reilly Media to publish the Juniper Networks Technical Library, a series of networking books that focus on high-performance networking products and solutions. Written by Juniper engineers, the books are for Junos developers, administrators, certification students, and users seeking in-depth knowledge on managing high-performance networks.

Sometimes you need visual information to gain insight into complex networking concepts. Day One Posters are just the item. Collect the posters as they celebrate each major Junos release and hang them on your wall or cube. Download and print, or order print copies and have them delivered.