Juniper Delivers Sophisticated Infrastructure Civilian Agencies Need

Agencies that serve the public and each other need secure interconnected data centers and end user networks.

The Challenge

Civilian government agencies are charged with delivering a wide scope of services to the public, other agencies and agency personnel, with constant pressure to improve the quality and efficiency of those services.

The Solution

Our open, scalable, secure and automated technologies that build the next generation, mission-focused systems include:

  • On-demand LAN switching providing scalable and agile agency infrastructure leveraging Juniper’s innovative MetaFabric Architecture.
  • SDN solutions that deliver orchestrated network and security functionality in support of mission IT consolidation.
  • Data center interconnect solutions.
  • Secure data in motion between government locations leveraging Suite-B capabilities.
  • Proven firewalls featuring the SRX Series Services Gateways for mission critical data centers that keeps applications online and supports seamless future growth.

Backing our solutions is a broad portfolio of services and support offerings, combined with a highly trained team, to support U.S. federal government agencies during every phase of the network’s lifecycle—from planning to building and operating mission-critical networks. Included in this portfolio is Juniper’s Government Network Support Services, which enable you to deliver information and data directly to a group of special network experts who are eligible for security clearance, to resolve network issues quickly, effectively, and securely. We also provide a trusted and secure supply chain, plus on-site and custom training and programs.

The Benefit

Juniper Networks’ products and services deliver greater network and data center security and access solutions enabling improved service to citizens and agency employees.

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How we put it together
  • MetaFabric Architecture

    Juniper switches are a key component of Juniper's data center switching architectures, scaling easily to thousands of ports to meet growing business demands.

  • Data Center

    Physical or virtual, build a data center to fuel your business.

  • vMX

    The vMX virtual router is a full-featured carrier-grade router that offers the same quality and features of the industry-leading MX Series portfolio.

  • SRX Series Firewalls

    High-performance network security with advanced integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry's most scalable and resilient platform.

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