Business-Critical IT Data Center

When business is critical, the data center network keeps it moving.

New trends and technologies such as virtualization, cloud-based computing and big data are creating scores of new business opportunities and opening new revenue streams. The challenge for IT is how to support these emerging capabilities in the face of shrinking budgets and fewer resources.

MetaFabric architecture from Juniper Networks is just such a solution, helping organizations build the reliable, highly available, secure business-critical IT data centers they need. Based on powerful Juniper switching, routing and security platforms that leverage feature-rich silicon, automated, programmable systems, network orchestration, SDN, and open APIs, the MetaFabric architecture delivers a blueprint for the data center of today—and the future.

With MetaFabric architecture, you can build a high-performance, highly reliable data center that lets you deploy new applications, services and technologies quickly and easily while ensuring secure, always-on access to data.

To build a data center network and security architecture with the performance, scale, reliability, and security required by any business-critical operation, we recommend these components:

Juniper switches are flexible enough to support the most popular and commonly used fabric architectures.
Juniper routers interconnect multiple data centers and clouds across virtual and physical networks.
Juniper security platforms provide multiple layers of defense against threats and intruders.
Juniper SDN solutions deliver agility through orchestration of virtual networks.