WLC Series

Wireless LAN Controllers

WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers deliver and manage wireless local area networks with the highest level of reliability, performance, security, and management in the industry. They integrate secure, wireless LANs with any size wired infrastructures, from small branch offices to the largest enterprise or university campus.

WLC Series
  • WLC8

    WLC8 supports up to 12 access points in branch offices, small businesses, or small schools.

  • WLC100

    WLC100 handles up to 32 access points in small deployments, including branch offices and distributed branch offices.

  • WLC800

    WLC800 is for mainstream 802.11n deployment at large sites with up to 128 three-stream 802.11n access points.

  • WLC880

    WLC880 is a compact platform for enterprise applications, space-constrained, and power-constrained service provider facilities.

  • WLC2800

    WLC2800 is designed for mass deployment of wireless LAN access in large enterprises with support for up to 512 802.11n access points.

  • JunosV Wireless LAN Controller

    JunosV Wireless LAN Controller is a cost-effective alternative to physical controllers. It is a scalable, virtualized software-based controller optimized for distributed campus environments.

  • Integrates WLAN and wired networks

    Controllers that integrate the WLAN with the wired network to fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding mobile applications and users.

  • Reliable and high performing

    Deliver and manage wireless LANS with the highest level of reliability, performance, security, and management in the industry.

  • Nonstop wireless availability

    Virtual Controller Cluster that provides many-to-many redundancy without “hot-standby” controllers for nonstop wireless availability with hitless failover for all sessions, even VoIP, in the event of a network failure.

  • Models for every size organization

    Models sized to meet any need in any sized organization.

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