Server-based WLAN security management system

The SmartPass server-based wireless LAN security management system provides dynamic access control over all guest users and devices.



    SmartPass is a server-based wireless LAN security management system for dynamic access control over all guest users and devices. Access privileges can adjust with user circumstances, and hundreds of guest users can be securely provisioned on demand.

    Standards-based APIs allow integration with third-party applications such as billing, facility management, hospitality registration, and intrusion control, and applications such as custom reporting can be integrated.

    SmartPass integrates with WLM1200 Wireless LAN Management Appliance for dynamic access and authorization based on location, and with RingMaster for reporting.


    • RADIUS and attenuation-to-crosstalk ratios (ACRs) enable dynamic authorization.
    • Guest accounts scale to 10,000 per server.
    • Guest credentials are sent via e-mail or SMS.
    • Handheld devices include session persistence.
    • Guest provisioning has been designed for non-IT personnel.

    Delivering the Perfect Formula for Scalable Infrastructure

    The Borealis Case Study

    Borealis Builds a Future-Proof Infrastructure that Meets All Business Requirements

    Borealis originally had a LAN infrastructure operated from two data centers that provided connectivity to its 6,500 employees in 12 European offices. Although it offered acceptable performance the network was aging and could not support the growth the business was anticipating.

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    Borealis uses SmartPass with

    • RingMaster Software

      Develops an RF plan for each building, builds outdoor obstacle maps, and determines the number and precise indoor and outdoor locations of access points.

    • MAG6610

      MAG6610 enables scalable SSL/VPN, network access control, and application acceleration capabilities for enterprise customers.