MAG Series

Junos Pulse SSL VPN Gateways

These gateways are flexible points of access convergence for SSL VPN and network access control.

The Junos Pulse product line is now owned and supported by Pulse Secure, LLC, with both companies operating under a Transition Services Agreement (TSA) which is expected to end by July 31, 2015. Both companies intend to enter into a long-term resale framework after the TSA ends. For more information on sales and support, please reference

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Product Comparison

Fixed/modular designFixed (dedicated SSL VPN or UAC use)Fixed (dedicated SSL VPN or UAC use)Fixed (dedicated Application Acceleration use)Modular (up to 2 modules)Modular (up to 4 modules)
Maximum concurrent SSL VPN users1001,000N/A20,00040,000
Maximum concurrent UAC users2505,000N/A30,00060,000
Modules supportedNoNoNoMAG-SM160
Management moduleNoNoNoMAG-CM060 (optional)MAG-CM060 (optional)
Cluster optionsCluster MAG2600s in a pairCluster MAG4610s in a pairN/ACluster 2 MAG-SM160s or up to 4 MAG-SM360sCluster 2 MAG-SM160s or up to 4 MAG-SM360s
Endpoint Profiler Server and Collector, Server Only or Collector OnlyNoNoNoOptional, with MAG-SM360-PROFILER module(s) onlyOptional, with MAG-SM360-PROFILER module(s) only
Patch Remediation Management licenseOptionalOptionalNoOptionalOptional
Premier Java RDP Applet licenseOptionalOptionalNoOptionalOptional
In Case of Emergency licenseNoOptionalNoOptionalOptional
Enterprise Guest Access licenseOptional (dedicated use)OptionalNoOptionalOptional
IF-MAP licenseNoOptional NoOptionalOptional
RADIUS Server licenseNoOptionalNoOptionalOptional
SRX Series Role-Based Firewall licenseOptionalOptionalNoOptionalOptional
Statement of Health (SOH) licenseOptionalOptionalNoOptionalOptional
OAC-ADD-UAC licenseOptionalOptionalNoOptionalOptional
Dimensions (W x H x D)4.31 x 1.65 x 7.73 in
10.95 x 4.2 x 19.64 cm
8.63 x 1.75 x 21.50 in
21.92 x 4.45 x 54.61 cm
8.63 x 1.75 x 21.50 in
21.92 x 4.45 x 54.61 cm
17.31 x 1.75 x 27.25 in
43.97 x 4.45 x 69.22 cm
17.31 x 3.5 x 27.25 in
43.97 x 8.89 x 69.22 cm
Maximum Weight1.98 lbs
900 g
11.5 lbs
5.2 kg
11.5 lbs
5.2 kg
1.98 lbs
900 g
31 lbs
14.1 kg
MAG Series
  • MAG2600

    MAG2600 is a secure access device for small to medium size business customers.

  • MAG4610

    MAG4610 is a small form-factor secure access device for medium to large-sized enterprise customers.

  • MAG4611

    MAG4611 delivers Junos Pulse Application Acceleration Services for remote and mobile users at SMBs and medium to large sized enterprises.

  • MAG6610

    MAG6610 enables scalable SSL/VPN, network access control, and application acceleration capabilities for enterprise customers.

  • MAG6611

    MAG6611 is for the complex needs of large enterprise customers and government agencies.

  • Enterprise Guest Access

    Enterprise Guest Access license enables select MAG Series gateways to authorize and control role-based network access to guests and partners.

  • Remote and local access from a single platform

    Provides market-leading secure, segmented remote and local network access on a single platform with Junos Pulse client, Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SSL-VPN), and Junos Pulse Access Control Service (UAC).

  • Safe, secure access for all

    Enables authorized users, including employees, telecommuters, mobile workers, contractors, guests, customers, and more, to have safe, secure remote and LAN-based network access.

  • Simplified user experience

    Creates a simplified user experience for consistent, secure, remote, and extensible access to corporate network and cloud resources.

  • Integrates with corporate AAA schemes

    Integrates with corporate authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) schemes, and interoperate with SRX Series Services Gateways, EX Series Ethernet Switches, and any 802.1X device, for enhanced and dynamic security policy enforcement.

  • Security for unmanaged endpoints

    Endpoint profiling and behavior monitoring offers additional security for unmanaged endpoints and protection against unauthorized access.

MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways provide guest and employee access control for international companies.