T Series

Multichassis-Enabled IP/MPLS Core Routers

With an installed base larger than any other core router in the world, T Series Core Routers are powering the most challenging and diverse service provider networks across the globe.

T Series
  • T640

    T640 Core Router delivers 50 Gbps forwarding on each of its 8 slots, and is ideal for powering small core applications.

  • T1600

    T1600 Core Router offers scalable, high-performance, core routing in a small package.

  • T4000

    T4000 Core Router delivers 4 Tbps of traffic in a single half rack routing node.

  • T Series Multichassis

    T Series Multichassis combines existing T Series routers into a single routing system.

Multiservice IP core

Supports the widest variety of IP applications and can function as a true provider/provider edge (P/PE) platform.

  • World’s most proven core router

    Since its introduction in 2002, the T Series remains the world’s most commonly deployed core routing platform.

  • Evolved MPLS functions

    Supports the world’s leading MPLS suite, including Differentiated Services (MPLS-TE), point-to-multipoint label-switched paths (P2MP LSPs), hierarchical MPLS, etc.

  • Multi-terabit performance

    Up to 240 Gbps per slot, with multichassis configurations up to 22 Tbps.

  • Unrivaled longevity

    Every T Series system ever produced by Juniper is upgradable to the latest T4000 modification.