M Series

Multiservice Edge Routers for MPLS

IP/MPLS combined with reliable, stable, secure, and rich services enable service providers and enterprises to generate new revenue and consolidate networks.

M Series
  • M7i

    M7i Multiservice Edge Router is compact with 10 Gbps throughput.

  • M10i

    M10i Multiservice Edge Router is compact and fully redundant with 16 Gbps throughput.

  • M120

    M120 Multiservice Edge Router is highly redundant with 120 Gbps throughput.

  • M320

    M320 Multiservice Edge Router is a 320 Gbps high-performance routing platform.

Flexible deployment options

Can be deployed in small and medium core, multiservice edge, collapsed point of presence (POP) routing, peering, route reflector, and campus or WAN gateway applications.

  • Enables network consolidation

    Large networks can use M Series IP/MPLS services at scale to reduce costs through network consolidation while generating new revenues.

  • Models from 10 to 320 Gbps throughput

    Models span from 10 to 320 Gbps throughput and support high-density aggregation of access types, including ATM, Frame Relay, Ethernet, SONET/SDH, and time-division multiplexing (TDM).

  • Separate control, forwarding, and services planes

    Separation of control plane, forwarding plane, and services plane allows a single M Series router to support multiple services over any type of access connection, minimizing operational and capital costs.