Junos OS

Network operating system for advanced routing, switching, and security.

Defined by simplicity and innovation, Junos OS is the common operating system that runs across Juniper’s routing, switching, and security devices.

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    Junos OS


    Junos® OS is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It shortens the time to deploy new services while lowering your costs for network operations. Junos OS offers secure programming interfaces and the Juniper Extension Toolkit for developing applications that unlock more value from the network.

    Running Junos OS in your network improves the reliability, performance, and security of your existing applications. It automates network operations on a streamlined system, allowing more time to focus on deploying new applications and capabilities. With Junos OS, you can scale up and out without complexity, creating a consistent, reliable, and stable system for developers and operators—and an overall more cost-effective solution for your business.

    Junos OS in the Data Center

    On data center platforms, Junos OS is disaggregated and runs on a virtualized Linux environment in which containerized applications and other virtualized guest operating systems can co-exist on the same CPU complex. In addition to the inherent benefits of a virtualized environment, these systems provide a protected Linux environment for system interaction and an open platform for third-party application integration. Low-level APIs improve programmability and telemetry functions and are exposed for application development and automation, vastly improving your access to the control and data planes.

    Junos OS for DevOps

    Architected with DevOps in mind, Junos OS integrates easily with your application development environments. It features versatile programmability, scripting support, open APIs, and popular orchestration frameworks, while providing flexible options for DevOps-style management and continuous service delivery. Junos OS also supports features such as Junos Continuity, which helps you introduce new hardware without costly downtime and minimizes software requalification time.

    The Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET) is a standard component of the Junos OS that runs on all Juniper switches, routers, and security devices. JET simplifies the automation of operational and configuration tasks, providing a rich set of open and customizable APIs. It supports standardized programming languages for application development and communication to the Junos OS fast programmable database through standardized and open data exchange formats.

    Software-Defined Networks

    Junos OS gives your network programmability and SDN controls through a rich set of protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs). SDN solutions enable automation and orchestration for highly scalable service-provisioning alternatives. For service providers, the net result is increased business agility and the power to quickly develop and roll out new offerings.

    Junos Fusion

    With Junos Fusion, service providers can reduce network complexity and operational costs by collapsing underlying network elements into a single, logical point of control from Junos OS routing platforms. Junos Fusion is fully interoperable with third-party solutions and is extensible to SDN control.

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    • A single operating system network-wide reduces time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate network infrastructure.
    • One release train provides stable delivery of new functionality in a steady, time-tested cadence.
    • Modular software architecture provides highly available and scalable software that keeps pace with changing needs.
    • Meaningful configuration hierarchies together with annotations, commit check, commit and rollback features exemplify ease of use and operational agility.
    • Simple routing policy management supports fine-grained network traffic controls. Separate control and forwarding planes increase reliability and security.
    • Junos Continuity, designed for DevOps, promotes continuous delivery with zero downtime, while minimizing requalification times when introducing new line cards or chassis upgrades.
    • Disaggregated operating system with low-level access to programmable interfaces and application delivery environment on DC platforms.
    • Automation infrastructure supports flexible application development environments and offers choices for programming languages and APIs.

    Gearing Up to Reduce Data Center Downtime by 33%

    The PEER 1 Case Study

    PEER 1 Hosting Runs One of the Most Efficient Data Centers in the U.K.

    PEER 1 Hosting decided to improve energy, operations, and management efficiency by migrating from a shared to a dedicated infrastructure. It built its own state-of-the-art data center to achieve those goals, leveraging the power and simplicity of Junos operating system to reduce the time required to plan, deploy, and operate its network and security infrastructure.

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