Virtual Director

Automate provisioning for virtual machines.

Junos Space Virtual Director gives you fast and error-free service rollout by automating the instantiation of virtual machines (VMs) for Juniper’s virtual security services.

    Virtual Director


    A full life-cycle management application, Virtual Director works with our vSRX virtual firewalls. It enables organizations to automate provisioning and resource allocation for VMs.

    The application runs on top of the Junos Space Network Management Platform and supports the design, deployment, monitoring, grouping, and reporting of firewall VM instances.

    Virtual Director uses predefined configuration templates, automation tools, workflow-based tasks, and an intuitive GUI to streamline your provisioning. An open set of REST APIs provides a single interface to all third-party orchestration tools and custom applications for end-to-end configuration and management.


    • VM lifecycle management functions integrated into a single application lead to lower OpEx and CapEx.
    • Enables security policies that are consistent throughout the network, physical and virtual, with automatic registration of vSRX instances in Junos Space Platform and Junos Space Security Director.
    • Security initializes promptly with default bootstrap settings for the VMs at the moment they are created.
    • Bulk and zero-touch provisioning of VMs, using predefined templates, automated tasks, and prevalidated configurations, speed your service rollouts.
    • Task-oriented workflows and a Web-based GUI reduce human error.
    • Comprehensive view with automated discovery, display, and management of all Juniper VMs provided through integration with Junos Space and VMware vCenter.
    • Rich set of APIs access and integrate with dynamic hybrid cloud for third-party applications and management platforms.

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