Network Director

Visualize, analyze, and control the entire enterprise network

Junos Space Network Director lets users see, analyze and manage the enterprise network—data center and campus, physical and virtual, wired and wireless—through a single pane of glass.

    Network Director


    Junos® Space Network Director provides a smart, comprehensive, and automated network management solution that enables administrators to visualize, analyze, and control the entire enterprise network, from the data center to the campus, physical to virtual, and wired to wireless—all through a single management screen.

    In the data center, Network Director helps your IT staff manage and synchronize both physical and virtual environments, ensuring that network policies follow workloads as they move from server to server or from virtual machine to virtual machine (VM to VM).

    In the campus, Network Director automates routine management tasks such as network provisioning and troubleshooting, dramatically improving operational efficiency and reliability.

    Network Director incorporates key functions that address the challenges posed by the rapid adoption of virtualization across data centers and cloud deployments. In addition, Network Director offers sophisticated analytics for high-performance data centers, and open RESTful APIs for service orchestration integration with third-party platforms.

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    • Fabric automation and management provides comprehensive pre- and post-deployment fabric automation and management for Layer 3 fabric topologies, automating the provisioning, configuration, and deployment of complex fabric topologies comprising multistage spine-and-leaf switches.
    • Zero touch provisioning simplifies policy-driven, plug-and-play network deployment and network bring-up operations.
    • Bulk provisioning enables faster service rollout and activation, even at logical or location level, and protects against configuration errors.
    • Overlay and Underlay Analyzer feature provides full visibility, performance management, and troubleshooting capabilities for physical and virtualized overlay networks in VMware Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) environments.
    • Flow Path Analyzer provides operational and diagnostic capabilities that trace connectivity between applications and flows by correlating network telemetry data with the application.
    • Performance Analyzer provides real-time and trended monitoring of VMs, users, ports, and radio frequency (RF) environments, as well as high-frequency monitoring data that helps create heat maps to optimize utilization.
    • VM Analyzer provides real-time physical and virtual topology views, tracks vMotion activity, and maintains complete virtual network inventory.
    • Fabric Analyzer monitors and analyzes physical and virtual network fabric health, increasing service availability.