Junos Video Focus

Video monitoring to ensure video stream quality

Junos Video Focus is a standards-based video monitoring solution for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers that enables operators and service providers to ensure the quality of video streams.

    Junos Video Focus


    Junos Video Focus is licensed software for MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers that lets cable operators and service providers monitor video quality on their IP networks to help maintain subscriber satisfaction. Carriers who transport and distribute video can also use Junos Video Focus to monitor video quality, allowing them to maintain their SLAs.

    The software uses Media Delivery Index (MDI, IETF RFC 4445) to monitor IP encapsulated MPEG and RTP video streams and proactively identify impairments that could negatively impact the user experience. This insight enables network operators to identify and troubleshoot problems before customers are affected, and they can create custom scripts to initiate self-healing network reconfiguration when error thresholds are exceeded.


    • Industry-standard RFC 4445 MDI measures Delay Factor (DF), Media Loss Rate (MLR), Media Rate Variation (MRV) to accurately assess video quality
    • Monitors multicast and VOD to assure quality for Single Program and Multiple Program Transport Streams
    • Entire MX Series support assures seamless and consistent operation
    • Bi-directional video stream visibility captures detailed statistics and alarm information to speed time to repair
    • Customized scripts can initiate self-healing automated network reconfiguration
    • Router integration conserves space and power resources

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