Odyssey Access Client

Data and login credentials protection

Odyssey Access Client protects transmitted data and login credentials and guarantees a secure network connection, with the added security of a FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated cryptographic module.

  • OAC

    The Juniper Networks Odyssey Access Client family of 802.1X client software delivers secure connectivity for global enterprises and government agencies through uncompromised login credentials and quick, easy deployment.

  • OAC FIPS Edition

    The Juniper Networks Odyssey Access Client FIPS Edition offers the secure connectivity demanded by global public and private sector organizations. It incorporates the Odyssey Access Client features with FIPS 140-2 Level 1 validated cryptography.

Standards-based platform support

OAC offers simultaneous support for wired and wireless 802.1X deployments and use through a single client as well as popular wired and wireless operating system platforms, most EAP types, and multiple security profiles.

Connectivity control

OAC provides complete control over secure, safe, and appropriate network connectivity. Can integrate with Juniper Networks Unified Access Control comprehensive network access control solution.

Easy connections

OAC makes it easy for users to connect and be productive. Users can move seamlessly between networks while maintaining secure connections.

Cost savings

OAC delivers dramatic savings in training, help desk, and support costs.

    Resources for the Odyssey Access Client Series

    Wide area connections are easy with Odyssey Access Client