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Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR) delivers innovation across routing, switching and security. Together with our technology partners, we deliver innovations in software, silicon and systems to transform the experience and economics of networking and security.

  • AirTight Networks

    AirTight Networks' SpectraGuard Wireless IPS, together with Juniper's WLAN infrastructure, allows administrators to deploy a flexible, scalable and secure wireless network that improves performance and reliability, and precisely enforces their wireless security policies across all users and locations. AirTight is the only WIPS that provides the necessary controls to restrict access of personal smart devices on your networks, which eliminates data leakage, malware and wireless backdoor entries through unapproved smart devices.

  • Algosec

    AlgoSec Security Management Suite automates the management of network security policies on Juniper Networks® NetScreen Series Security Systems, Network and Security Manager and SRX Series Services Gateways. This solution automates firewall operations to reduce risk, improve productivity and ensure compliance. It reveals missing or redundant policies, identifies compliance vulnerabilities, reduces time to process changes, mitigates security risks, and assures Juniper devices are properly configured.

  • Aruba Networks

    Juniper’s partnership with Aruba allows enterprises to deploy consistent security policies across their wired and wireless infrastructure. Aruba’s ClearPass Policy Manager effectively resolves IT-managed, IoT, BYOD, and guest access issues while Juniper EX Series Ethernet Switches and SRX Series Services Gateways deliver inline security vulnerability detection such as threat and traffic inspection and remediation, providing advanced, next-generation defense against known and unknown threats.
    Juniper and Aruba Deliver Enhanced Protection for the Mobile IoT-Centric Enterprise
    Configuring Authentication and Enforcement Using SRX and CPPM
    Configuring Central Web Authentication with EX Switches and CPPM
    Device Profiling with EX Switches and CPPM
    Configuring 802.1X PEAP and MAC RADIUS Authentication with EX Switches and CPPM
    Guest Access Video

  • Algosec

    Attivo Networks provides on-premise and data center/VM that complements existing security infrastructure by detecting and securely engaging APTs and BOTs as they begin scanning, targeting and probing network clients, servers and services. All activity is contained to prevent intruders from communicating with their command and control (C&C) servers. Attivo's technology is tightly integrated with Juniper's security portfolio and works with SRX Series firewalls to block and quarantine infected endpoints.
    Juniper and Attivo Networks Add Inside-the-Network Threat Detection as a Next Layer of Defense

  • Carbon Black

    The Carbon Black integration with Juniper SDSN framework offers a highly scalable, secure endpoint solution that can be deployed from the cloud or on-premises. The combined solution offers complete visibility, advanced threat detection, malware and non-malware attack analysis, rapid incident response and full remediation. This includes integrating security intelligence from Juniper’s Sky ATP malware detection platform with Carbon Black’s leading endpoint threat detection.

  • CipherCloud

    CipherCloud, a leader in Cloud Access Security offers cloud security services such as Shadow IT, DLP, tokenization, malware detection, and cloud anomaly detection to enterprise customers. Juniper’s SDSN solution with CipherCloud will extend the realm of enterprise security policies to cloud applications allowing faster and safer Cloud enablement. The joint solution with Sky ATP provides advanced threat intelligence, malware detection and analysis for cloud applications and policy enforcement at the firewall to protect the enterprise.
    Juniper Networks and CipherCloud Integrated Cloud Security Solution
    TME Juniper and CipherCloud interoperabilty video demonstration

  • Corero

    Juniper Networks has partnered with Corero Network Security to provide real-time, high performance DDoS solutions. The combination of Juniper Networks® routing and switching products with the Corero SmartWall® Threat Defense System (TDS) creates highly scalable DDoS mitigation solutions for our global service provider and enterprise networking customers.
    TME Juniper and Corero interoperabilty video demonstration

  • Cyphort

    Cyphort and Juniper Networks have created a joint solution that allows customers to automatically publish threat containment data from the Cyphort solution, directly to the Juniper Networks SRX Firewalls. Customers can create a Dynamic Address Group on their SRX appliances and use that to source containment IP Addresses from the Cyphort Core. This new integration creates a more scalable open policy enforcement approach. It is also the fastest way to deliver threat intelligence to the enforcement points, enabling customers to contain advanced threats before they can cause damage.
    Automated Threat Containment with Cyphort and SRX Series Firewalls

  • Firemon

    FireMon is the industry leader in providing enterprises, government and managed services providers with advanced security management solutions that deliver deeper visibility and tighter control over their network security infrastructure. The integrated FireMon solution suite – Security Manager, Policy Planner and Risk Analyzer – enables customers to identify network risk, proactively prevent access to vulnerable assets, clean up firewall policies, automate compliance, strengthen security throughout the organization, and reduce the cost of security operations.

  • ForeScout

    The partnership between ForeScout and Juniper offers enterprises a solution for end-to-end Agentless Access Visibility and Control that’s easy to manage and deploy. Using Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches for access control, SRX firewalls for perimeter security, and ForeScout CounterACT, the integration offers a multilayer, secure, unified access solution that gives organizations increased visibility into networked devices—including those that are nontraditional. Organizations can also control these devices and orchestrate information sharing and operation among disparate security tools.
    Juniper-ForeScout Joint Solution for Endpoint Visibility and Control

  • IBM QRadar

    Through a partnership with IBM, the Juniper JSA Series Secure Analytics offers a powerful platform for security information and event management (SIEM). This platform consolidates large volumes of event data from Juniper and other vendors’ devices, as well as endpoints and applications, in near real time. Juniper JSA products combine, analyze, and manage an unparalleled set of surveillance data—network behavior, security events, vulnerability profiles, and threat information—empowering companies to efficiently manage business operations on their networks from a single console. The JSA platform provides log analytics, threat analytics and compliance management.

  • Impulse

    Working with Juniper switches and next-generation firewalls, Impulse SafeConnect network access control (NAC) offers a highly simplified and scalable approach to creating a secure networking environment, while also delivering a superior user experience for managed, BYOD, and guest devices. The Juniper and Impulse SafeConnect integrated solution employs key advantages of both architectures. It features SafeConnect’s device-centric network access management approach combined with the ability to apply Layer 2/Layer 3 access control policies with EX Series Ethernet Switches. And perimeter security provided by SRX firewalls creates an end-to-end secure, flexible IT infrastructure.
    Juniper and Impulse Deliver Cloud-Managed Mobile and IoT Security

  • Kaspersky Lab

    Kaspersky anti-malware solutions deliver industry-leading protection against a wide range of malware including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and adware. The Kaspersky anti-malware engine, integrated into all Juniper SSG, SRX and J Series secure gateways, incorporates a unique combination of technologies necessary for the successful detection of malicious code and reliable protection of the entire network perimeter.

  • Lastline

    Juniper integrates Lastline’s Advanced Threat Intelligence subscription service with our own Spotlight Secure open security intelligence platform. Working with Lastline, Juniper can now provide continuous updates from Lastline’s Advanced Threat Intelligence to Juniper SRX firewall customers for improved visibility and immediate protection from advanced targeted attacks, dynamically, and with no downtime.

  • Netskope

    Netskope, a Gartner MQ leader in Cloud Access Security, offers comprehensive cloud security including DLP, Encryption, Discovery, Threat Protection, Compliance. Juniper’s SDSN integration with Netskope allows our customers to seamlessly extend enterprise security policies and control to Cloud Apps and Cloud Providers. In addition the joint solution, which includes Juniper’s SkyATP defense, provides enterprise customers with advanced malware threat protection in the cloud.
    Juniper Networks and Netskope Integrated Cloud Security Solution
    TME Juniper and Netskope interoperabilty video demonstration

  • Niksun

    Juniper and NIKSUN join forces to make integrated network monitoring and forensics a reality. Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches deployed in conjunction with NIKSUN NetDetector/NetDetector Live appliances protect enterprise networks from a wide variety of unknown cyber attacks, unauthorized data exfiltration, and espionage threats.

  • OneConfig

    OneConfig delivers cloud-based network management for Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways and EX Series Ethernet Switches. It provides a secure Web-based User Interface that is quick to set up and connect devices to. OneConfig provides functions for the most common provisioning tasks including enabling/disabling interfaces, changing VLANs, and security policy tasks (create/delete/edit/re-order policies). With OneConfig, even nontechnical users can easily commission devices and manage device updates and the network in general.
    Reference the Solution Brief on the Service Provider Customer Portal Solution for the SRX and VSRX.

  • Pulse Secure

    The Juniper and Pulse Secure partnership offers customers industry-leading solutions to empower seamless mobility. Pulse Secure provides access and mobile security solutions for enterprises and service providers. Enterprises from every vertical and of all sizes rely on the company's Pulse VPN, network access control (NAC), and mobile security products to enable end-user mobility securely and seamlessly within their organizations. Pulse Secure’s mission is to enable open, integrated enterprise system solutions that empower business productivity through seamless mobility.
    Juniper Networks and Pulse Secure Deliver Unified Secure Network Access

  • RSA Security

    RSA's information-centric approach to security protects the integrity and confidentiality of information throughout its lifecycle no matter where it moves, who accesses it, or how it is used. RSA offers industry-leading solutions in identity assurance and access control, encryption and key management, compliance and security information management, and fraud protection.

  • Sophos

    Sophos Live Protection Anti-Malware provides Juniper’s SRX Series with a lightweight solution that proactively and efficiently stops malware, including viruses, spyware and Trojans, at the gateway. In many instances it blocks threats that traditional endpoint security suites do not catch, with minimal impact on system performance.

  • ThreatSTOP

    ThreatSTOP is a cloud service that delivers IP addresses for known criminal sites to Juniper Networks® SRX Series Services Gateways so that they can block all traffic to and from those sites. This blocklist is updated continually, and it is distributed to the SRX Series via a Domain Name System (DNS) lookup. The service can be enabled on an SRX Series device within an hour via a two-command install. No software, network reconfiguration, or user training is needed.

  • Tufin

    Tufin SecureTrack Firewall Operations Management is the industry-leading security operations management solution for Juniper Networks ScreenOS Software and Junos-based firewalls and network infrastructure. SecureTrack provides comprehensive, real-time change tracking, in-depth security policy optimization, risk analysis, and more, to increase security and accuracy while slashing the time spent on repetitive, manual tasks.

  • Vectra Networks

    Vectra Networks addresses post-breach detection of malicious activities by analyzing inbound and outbound Internet traffic as well as traffic moving laterally across internal networks to detect targeted attacks and suspicious host behavior from advanced malware. Vectra also detects inside attacks, since network traffic related to those breaches may only travel laterally and may never cross the enterprise's perimeter defense. Vectra's technology complements Juniper security cloud intelligence and prevention services and on-premise SRX Series enforcement.
    Juniper and Vectra Networks Add New Class of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Defense

  • Websense

    Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways for the branch use Websense's web filtering capabilities to give administrators the ability to prevent access to inappropriate or malicious Web sites using 54 different site categories that encompass over 25 million URLs. Websense and Juniper have also partnered to combine Juniper Networks SRX Series for the data center with Websense's Triton V10000 to deliver web security for large scale applications.