RSA 2014

Deception Force

Firewalls and passive security are no longer enough. You need to:

KNOW the threat is real.
through deception tactics.
the attacker.

At RSA 2014 we unveiled a comprehensive security solution for identifying, deceiving and preventing costly network attacks. Introducing Juniper Argon Secure, an advanced anti-malware service that leverages our Intrusion Deception technology to detect malware at multiple points in the attack process. For more information on Juniper Argon Secure, see the full press release.

Juniper’s latest technology identifies individual attackers at the device level and tracks them in a global database. Once attackers are fingerprinted, the database immediately shares their profiles with other subscribers, providing advanced real-time security across multiple networks.

Juniper Networks’ Intrusion Deception technology changes the game and stops data center attacks. Learn more about Deception Force.

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