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In 2000, core routing engines processed data at 2.5 Gig/slot. Only ten years later, the T4000 is nearly a hundred times faster. Powered by Junos, our T4000 core router has unprecedented capabilities that will meet and exceed the demands of today—and of the decade ahead. It will bring more innovations and more opportunities to more people at a speed and capacity never thought possible—until now.

Bringing Reliability and Flexibility

Juniper's T4000 builds on the success and momentum of our T Series family—the most widely deployed core routers in the world. Armed with the unmatched investment protection of its predecessors, the T4000 ushers in a new era of high-speed networking—powering multimedia traffic, cluster and cloud computing, and advanced research applications.

Bringing Innovations

Academia, medicine and physical science research will be enabled in new ways by the T4000's processing power. And the T4000's unmatched data transfer capabilities allow huge amounts of information to be obtained and shared, so that leading scientific minds can continue making strides at a faster rate.

Bringing Opportunities

Today, customers are demanding more from the network in terms of both speed and capacity. The T4000 will enable Service Providers to deliver better experiences for their customers: More entertainment in more places at a faster rate—translating to a more satisfied customer base.

Bringing Efficiency

The T4000 has been designed for optimum power efficiency, using the fewest watts per bit in the industry. It continues Juniper's leadership in core routing with a 250% capacity increase every five years. And with multichassis capability built directly into the architecture, our newest core router remains both flexible and cost-effective.

Bringing it Everywhere—Easily

To make it even easier to enter the next era of high-level networking, our T640 and T1600 routers can be upgraded to our new T4000 core router seamlessly—and without service interruption.

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