Free vGW with the purchase of any qualifying SRX Base System.*

Juniper Networks vGW is a comprehensive hypervisor-based virtualization security solution that integrates tightly with existing Juniper security technologies, including the SRX Series of high-performance security services gateways. Together, the SRX Series and vGW deliver best-of-breed security to the data center and cloud, providing consistent, automated, and pervasive protection across both physical and virtualized infrastructures.

SRX delivers zone-based segregation at the data center perimeter. vGW integrates knowledge of SRX zones to ensure zone integrity is enforced on the hypervisor using automated security concepts like Smart Groups and VM Introspection. Security admins can guarantee that consistent security is enforced from the perimeter to virtual machine (VMs), and benefit from:

  • Guaranteed integrity of zones on the hypervisor
  • Automation and verification that VM connectivity does not violate zone policy
  • Enhancement of the SRX network with knowledge of VMs and their zone location

Purchase any SRX1400, SRX3400, SRX3600, SRX5600 or SRX5800 Base System and you’ll get a vGW Central Management Server license and a 10 CPU socket license at no cost. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

SRX1400 SRX3600 SRX3400 SRX5800 SRX5600

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*Offer of 100% discount on vGW is limited to one offer per end customer. This offer is valid for a limited time only.

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