Start Up New Services with SD-WAN

New PwC Report predicts new revenue streams for service providers.

PwC Webinar: Disruption in the WAN
Hosted by PwC Director Amit Dhir, this webinar lays out the key strategic considerations for service providers looking to offer SD-WAN services.
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WAN requirements are changing as enterprises seize the benefits of the cloud. As traffic increases, SD-WAN is in demand as a more flexible, intelligent and cost-effective way to route traffic. Expected to grow to $6 billion by 2020[1], the SD-WAN market presents new revenue opportunities for service providers that can’t be overlooked. Learn how to start up new services with SD-WAN now.

Heavy Reading Paper: SD-WAN Implementation & Differentiation Layer Strategies

Understand how communication service providers see SD-WAN as a way to enable new revenue streams and empower service differentiation and the technical factors that must be addressed to achieve a successful SD-WAN implementation.

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e-Guide: SD-WAN Roadmap

This exclusive e-Guide shows service providers how to develop differentiated SD-WAN offerings and presents flexible options for various technical and go-to-market approaches leveraging an integrated solution. Get the e-Guide

Cloud CPE – Platform for Delivering SD-WAN

Learn how Juniper Networks’ Cloud CPE solution automates the delivery of customized managed services like SD-WAN at scale while laying the foundation for upselling new revenue-generating services. Find out more