Introducing MX104

As Metro network architectures blur the line between aggregation and edge services, our new MX104 not only delivers aggregation services, it enables operators to use their rack space more efficiently. With its high port density and performance, the MX104 not only eliminates a layer of infrastructure, its small form factor requires less power and space—reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

Like our other MX Series 3D Universal Edge routers,the new MX104 can rapidly scale bandwidth, subscribers and services. It’s also hardened for deployment in outside cabinets. And its efficient configuration makes the MX104 fitting for enterprise use.

Our new MX104:

  • Is cost and density-optimized and has a price-per-Gb that’s competitive with Ethernet switches
  • Can occupy the same space as legacy access and transport platforms
  • Reduces operating expenses via lower power and space requirements
  • Eliminates the need for separate carrier Ethernet and TDM switches
  • Is managed end-to-end with software
  • Reduces TCO through zero-touch provisioning
  • Supports pay-as-you grow models


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