About Juniper



Juniper’s current and past venture portfolio includes numerous companies that span our target segments. The following are selected disclosed portfolio companies.

  • ADVA Optical Networking
    ADVA Optical Networking

    (FSE: ADV) Innovative optical networking solutions that transport data, storage, voice, and video signals at native speeds and with the lowest latency.

  • Altor

    Hypervisor-based firewall for securing virtualized data centers and clouds. Acquired by Juniper in 2010.

  • Ankeena

    Advanced content delivery solutions. Acquired by Juniper in 2010.

  • Apigee

    Leading provider of API management and infrastructure tools and platforms.

  • CloudScaling

    Elastic cloud infrastructure solutions to support dynamic applications.

  • Contrail Systems
    Contrail Systems

    SDN software. Acquired by Juniper in 2012.

  • Cotendo

    Innovator of cloud-based acceleration technologies for Web and Mobile. Acquired by Akamai in 2011.

  • Cyan NASDAQ: CYNI Optics
    Cyan NASDAQ: CYNI Optics

    Leading innovator of multi-layer packet-optical transport platforms, software, SaaS, and NOC solutions for Network Operators world-wide.

  • Gainspeed

    Distributed access solutions for cable operators.

  • iStreamPlanet

    Video workflow and content management products and services for on premise, hybrid, and cloud environments.

  • Lightbend

    Lightbend is the proud provider of the world’s leading Reactive application development platform.

  • Packet Design
    Packet Design

    Solutions that leverage the distributed intelligence of IP to enhance the reliability, efficiency, and predictability of IP networks.

  • Sentrigo

    Database monitoring and intrusion prevention solutions. Acquired by McAfee in 2011.

  • Trapeze Networks
    Trapeze Networks

    Wireless LAN solutions that provide the highest levels of reliability, performance, security, and management. Acquired by Juniper in 2010.

  • Vidyo

    Vidyo is the first video communication platform to deliver natural, HD quality visual collaboration across any general-purpose network, to any device, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

  • Wickr

    Wickr provides military grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages that leave no trace.