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    The success and growth of Juniper Networks is guided in part through our close relationships with industry analysts and influencers. Our global analyst relations team is committed to maintaining two-way relationships through frequent communication.

    We welcome opportunities for analysts to learn how Juniper Networks is providing solutions with greater choice and control, while reducing cost and maximizing investment.

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  • Analyst Recognition

    “For the first time, [Juniper is] putting a wrapper around all the things they are doing. They are really offering a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you build out the fabric in your data center, and they are also doing some nice things in terms of being able to extend these environments across the WAN.”

    – Joe Skorupa, Gartner (Source: SearchNetworking)

    “Many IT leaders are focused on making their data centers more agile. Juniper Networks MetaFabric offers a smooth path forward to agile, next-generation data center networks while promising a high level of investment protection. The ability to quickly and securely expand data center operations, deploy new applications, and better manage virtualization at the network layer means MetaFabric can increase the value of the data center compute-storage-network stack.”

    – Brad Casemore, IDC
    (Source: Official press release and press pick up from Whatech and Total Telecom)

    “The new Juniper data center architecture pushes the networking industry beyond a "myopic" approach. All scenarios have been about virtual machine (VM) movement from server to server and programming [that movement]. But the bigger story is between data centers, and then between data centers and the cloud. These hybrid environments -- no one is really addressing that.”

    – Andre Kindness, Forrester (Source: SearchNetworking)

    “MetaFabric is a good evolutionary step for QFabric, as it extends the concept of simplicity to span multiple data centers base, but doesn’t require as radical a change to the network.”

    – Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research (Source: Network World)

    “Juniper followed through on its SDN plans and announced the availability of an SDN controller and overlay solution. Juniper clearly won the "who got there first award.”

    – Tracy Corbo, Enterprise Management Associates,
    Juniper Jumpstarts Innovation: Open Sources SDN Controller,” September 2013

    “The Contrail SDN architecture, SDN ecosystem, open source strategy, and IBM relationship clearly demonstrate that Juniper is staking its future on open programmable network architecture. Juniper does raise the bar on scaling SDN networks and challenges the conventional VLAN scaling and MAC address issues of other existing networking solutions and emerging SDN solutions. Contrail promises to provide scale-out capabilities while providing resiliency to the software stack.”

    – Nav Chander; Brad Casemore; Rohit Mehra; Vernon Turner, IDC
    “Juniper Announces Availability of Its Contrail SDN Solution; Showcases Customers and Ecosystems Partnerships, Most Notably IBM,” doc #lcUS24334013,
    September 2013