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    The success and growth of Juniper Networks is guided in part through our close relationships with industry analysts and influencers. Our global analyst relations team is committed to maintaining two-way relationships through frequent communication.

    We welcome opportunities for analysts to learn how Juniper Networks is providing solutions with greater choice and control, while reducing cost and maximizing investment.

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  • Analyst Recognition

    “Juniper’s threat defense and intelligence services can offer automation, management and scale to help large organizations defend against threats in the network without impeding performance. Juniper is addressing critical aspects of network security and is using its assets to align threat defenses with threat intelligence.”

    – Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG

    “With the enhancements to the Converged Supercore, Juniper Networks is positioning itself as a thought leader in the service provider routing space, not only by addressing higher capacity requirements, but also by focusing on automation and SDN programmability in order to make service providers’ networks more agile and risk adverse. The PTX and MX Series together address key service router requirements in the edge and transit router requirements in the core and metro, which should help maximize cost optimization and service delivery.”

    – Dr. Ray Mota, CEO and principal analyst, ACG Research

    “Juniper is focused on delivering high-performance security services that provide for rapid network scale. SRX is also built to optimize productivity in a highly available, always-on cluster with easy, secure access. ESG Lab recently tested the latest release of the Juniper SRX5400, and found that it offered an architectural approach, next-generation IOCs and SPCs, and Express Path, for performance, scale, and security efficacy. This makes the SRX5400 a good candidate for organizations’ considering a next-generation data center firewall with strict performance requirements for throughput and latency.”

    – Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, ESG

    “The proliferation and continuing growth of cloud workloads is driving the need for the next generation of datacenter infrastructure. IDC has found that enterprise and service provider expenditures on infrastructure to deliver cloud services will reach $65 billion in 2017. To accommodate this growing wave of cloud services, datacenter spine switches will have to support 100GbE at high port densities and at scale. At the same time, they will be called upon to feature increasingly sophisticated software capabilities, including programmability, automated management, and advanced analytics. With the release of the QFX10000 line and other key automation and architecture building blocks, Juniper is looking to meet these cloud-driven requirements for brains and brawn in datacenter spine switching.”

    – Brad Casemore, research director, Datacenter Networks at IDC

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