For Capital Markets, Nanoseconds Matter

Capturing opportunity amid intense change.

Capital markets move at lightning speed, and the big winners are those that can make the right decisions in nanoseconds. Investment banks, asset and wealth management firms, and broker-dealers must constantly innovate to succeed in today’s highly volatile market and increased regulatory oversight. Firms need to gain unprecedented agility while keeping a lid on operational spending.

Juniper delivers advanced solutions to the meet the unique needs of capital market firms. We offer a suite of products and technologies designed to help your business embrace new technology architectures that reach from the trading floor to the back office.

The ability to trade smarter and faster pivots on two things: a very-low-latency trading infrastructure, and accelerated applications in a distributed environment. Our QFX5100 data center switches give you the performance to help you achieve both of these goals.

To gain a competitive advantage, you need solutions for operational efficiencies. With data centers that are simple, open, and smart, you can attain new levels of agility and cloud capabilities. Consolidating and simplifying data centers with our MetaFabric™ Architecture and Junos® Space Network Director can help you gain OpEx savings and business agility.

Designing the right WAN core with Juniper MX Series and PTX Series routers gives your network carrier-grade reliability and support for a wide range of WAN interfaces. We offer innovative solutions for modernizing the WAN core and automating the network, freeing up IT resources and bringing new efficiencies and flexibility to IT operations. Our automation and orchestration portfolio includes Contrail, Northstar Controller, and WANDL IP/MPLS View.

Your cloud infrastructure needs protection against cyberattacks. Trading and market data delivery need high-performance, highly resilient firewalls with consistent latency, even during periods of “bursty” traffic. Our SRX Series Services Gateways and vSRX virtual firewall defends your data center and cloud infrastructure against threats to keep your business secure at any moment—or any nanosecond.

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