The Next Evolution of IT

Building private and hybrid clouds for agility, profit, and security.

Enterprise companies are searching for solutions that can give their businesses maximum agility and efficiency—while allowing them to maintain privacy and control over their intellectual property and enterprise applications.

Private and hybrid clouds can help your in-house IT organization add true business value by enabling greater levels of efficiency, automation, and agility over traditional data centers. Greater agility translates directly to business benefits such as faster time to market and lower costs.

With an automated private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can empower your IT staff to build, provision, and deploy applications and services through automation, eliminating the delays and risks associated with manual provisioning. As with public clouds, you can dynamically scale private and hybrid clouds up or down and track on-demand usage that can be correlated back to the appropriate business unit. Unlike public cloud services, however, private and hybrid clouds give you full control over the security and integrity of your applications and data.

Once you’ve built your private cloud network, you can connect it to public cloud offerings from service providers to create a secure hybrid cloud with the elasticity to scale along with your business needs. Whether deployed in-house or outsourced to a data center provider, private and hybrid clouds require a network foundation that delivers the agility, scalability, and simplicity needed to keep pace with an on-demand environment.

Juniper delivers this foundation with our simple, open, and smart MetaFabric™ architecture , a robust blueprint for the data center network. This cloud networking solution is based on powerful Juniper switching, routing, and security platforms that are enriched with features such as automated and programmable software, network orchestration, software-defined networks (SDN), and open APIs.

Components of the MetaFabric architecture include:

  • Juniper switches, which support most popular and commonly used fabric architectures, as well as connectivity between virtual and physical networks.
  • Juniper routers, which interconnect multiple data centers and clouds across virtual and physical networks.
  • Juniper security platforms, which provide multiple layers of defense against threats and intruders.
  • Juniper SDN solutions, which deliver agility through orchestration with virtual networks.

Together, these products and solutions form a data center network and security architecture with the performance, simplicity, scale, reliability, and threat defense that you need for your in-house or hosted private and hybrid cloud environments.

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How we put it together
  • Switching

    Our Ethernet switches improve the economics of networking with carrier-class, high-density hardware that reduces operational and capital expenses for branch, campus, and data center network environments.

  • Routing

    Flagship edge and core routers deliver bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale for enterprises and service providers, and high-speed packet transport for data center interconnect.

  • SDN

    Future-proof for the cloud era with the open SDN solution for cloud and NFV that improves business agility with predictable security, high availability, high performance, automation, and elasticity.

  • Security

    High performance, scalable, and intelligent network security solutions for enterprises and service providers.