Enterprise data centers made agile and flexible.

Dominate the competition with public, private, and hybrid clouds.

The days of legacy data centers are over. The new data center landscape is largely virtualized and spread across multiple, geographically distributed sites and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. But building, connecting, and securing this array of computing power is a complex job—and one that requires a new type of data center network, starting with an architecture optimized for the cloud era and an infrastructure that gives you agility, automation, and simplicity.

Juniper’s MetaFabric™ architecture delivers a simple, smart, and open blueprint for building high-performance data centers and cloud networks that are also highly reliable. It enables you to deploy new applications, services, and technologies quickly and easily, with secure, always-on access to data. The MetaFabric architecture delivers an agile and highly efficient network foundation for complex physical and virtual data centers and clouds. With the MetaFabric architecture, your data center network becomes:

  • Simple, to combat the complexity of network deployment, operations, and management.
  • Open, to maximize your flexibility by allowing integration with any other data center or cloud environment and preventing vendor lock-in.
  • Smart, to optimize staff time and improve application performance, using analytics and actionable insights.

The cornerstone of the MetaFabric architecture is the ability to support the entire data center infrastructure—physical or virtual—as efficiently and flexibly as possible. Building an infrastructure with the necessary performance, scalability, reliability, and security to support business-critical operations demands innovative, proven products from a world-class leader in network innovation. Juniper delivers the network solutions you need to transform your cloud or data center into a competitive advantage.

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Featured Products
  • Switching

    Our Ethernet switches improve the economics of networking with carrier-class, high-density hardware that reduces operational and capital expenses for branch, campus, and data center network environments.

  • Routing

    Flagship edge and core routers deliver bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale for enterprises and service providers, and high-speed packet transport for data center interconnect.

  • Security

    High performance, scalable, and intelligent network security solutions for enterprises and service providers.

  • Packet Optical

    Product portfolio that combines control, management, and applications software with optical and cloud platforms.