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Adopt an Architecture That Adds Brains to Brawn for Lower CapEx and OpEx

Converged Supercore brings efficiency through flatter networks and SDN controls.

Emerging traffic dynamics such as mobility, video, and cloud-based services are changing the way service provider networks operate. With this transformation, service providers are required to make continuous capital and operational investments in their infrastructure, driving up their total cost of network ownership (TCO).

Unable to accurately predict shifting traffic patterns and volumes, network operators are forced to overprovision their systems to accommodate peak use periods. The associated costs eat away at the bottom line, resulting in an unsustainable model.

To remain profitable, businesses need to transition to a more agile, intelligent and responsive infrastructure—one that leads to improved revenue streams by enabling and delivering new, customizable services.

Juniper can help solve these challenges with PTX Series Packet Transport Routers and the Converged Supercore® architecture. The PTX Series is an ultra-efficient, transit-optimized solution for supporting full-featured IP/MPLS. Combined with integrated optical transport, the PTX Series is designed to achieve greater network traffic efficiencies that dramatically reduce network operating expenses (OpEx).

Working with technology from optical transport partners such as BTI, ADVA, and Coriant, PTX Series routers easily interoperate with traditional transport environments, preserving existing investments while ensuring continued, uninterrupted operations.

The Converged Supercore® architecture gives service providers a network model that helps take the uncertainty and high costs out of core, peering, metro and converged IP and optical network planning and provisioning. This innovative architecture leverages the power of the industry’s highest-performance IP/MPLS transit-optimized router to lower your operational expenses.

By enabling an open, standards-based, programmable SDN-controlled infrastructure, you can roll out new revenue-generating services with precision while optimizing existing traffic within your network—dramatically enhancing your overall revenue-generating capacity.

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