Build your broadband edge for today-and tomorrow.

Investment protection with operational scale.

Your business depends on constantly growing your subscriber base and expanding your service portfolio. But if your legacy broadband edge network is difficult to scale, the costs grows right along with traffic volumes, leaving your margins flat. And that’s not sustainable.

You need a broadband edge built to scale rapidly, efficiently and reliably by leveraging network virtualization and automation.

The MX Series 3D Universal Edge Router portfolio is a market-leading Broadband Network Gateway (BNG), providing bandwidth, subscriber and service scale. With platforms that scale through 80 Tbps and 1,920 10GbE interfaces in a single rack, the MX Series 3D protects investments by keeping you ahead of todays demand —and tomorrows.

In addition to providing BNG functions in support of residential broadband services, MX Series routers can concurrently support businesses services, enabling you to address multiple market requirements efficiently, from a single element. The MX Series also offer a host of virtualized network functions, from a virtual Customer Premise Equipment (vCPE) solution for rapid service deployment to security solutions to load-balancing to content caching, letting you easily and cost effectively scale services up and down in order to broaden opportunities while lowering TCO by nearly 50 percent.

Contrail and Junos Space create scalable operations by providing deep insight into, and control over the network. Contrail is a comprehensive SDN solution that provides automated physical and virtual resource orchestration to create and deliver unique, highly customized business services in minutes, rather than months. Junos Space manages the entire solution, and purpose-built Junos Space applications such as Security Director, Services Activation, Content Director and Virtual Director automate service configuration and provisioning. Custom applications can also be created using the Junos Space SDK toolkit and Juniper Extension Toolkit.

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How we put it together
  • Contrail

    A simple, open, and agile SDN solution that automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks.

  • Junos Space

    A centralized network management and orchestration platform for managing network devices and services through a single pane of glass.

  • MX Series

    Flagship edge routing platform for enterprise and service provider applications with unparalleled bandwidth, subscriber, and service scale.