EX Series Options

Redundant power and RE options

EX Series options include the EX Series Redundant Power Supply for EX2200 and EX3300 Ethernet Switches, and the XRE200 External Routing Engine for managing EX8200 switches in a Virtual Chassis configuration.

  • EX Series Redundant Power Supply

    The EX Series redundant power system (RPS) provides backup power to up to six EX2200 and EX3300 switches, up to three simultaneously.

  • XRE200 External Routing Engine

    The XRE200 External Routing Engine provides performance support for EX8200 Ethernet switches in Virtual Chassis configurations.

Control plane scalability and additional processing power

XRE200 includes redundant 160 GB hard drives, redundant hot-swappable power supplies, and hot-swappable fans.

Complete separation of the control and data planes in an EX8200 Virtual Chassis configuration

XRE200 enables a highly resilient network that can scale to support more than 3,000 GbE or 640 10GbE connections.

Backup power with protection from high-voltage input and short circuits

RPS accommodates up to three hot-switchable power supplies, and can be connected to up to six switches, supplying power to any three of them.

Operational continuity

RPS ensures operational continuity following a main power supply or power feed failure.

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