Contrail Networking

Leading cloud networking and service orchestration powered by open technology.

Future-proof for the cloud era with the open SDN solution for cloud and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) that improves business agility with predictable security, high availability, high performance, automation, and elasticity.

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    Contrail Networking


    Juniper Networks Contrail Networking is a simple, open, and agile SDN solution that automates and orchestrates the creation of highly scalable virtual networks. These virtual networks let you harness the power of the cloud—for new services, increased business agility, and revenue growth.

    SIMPLE: Creates virtual networks that integrate seamlessly with existing physical networks, and that are easy to manage and orchestrate.

    OPEN: Avoids expensive vendor-lock with an open architecture that interoperates with a wide range hypervisors, orchestration systems, and physical networks.

    AGILE: Speeds time to market for new services by automating the creation of virtual networks that interconnect private, hybrid, and public clouds.

    Service providers can use Contrail Networking to enable a range of innovative new services, including cloud-based offerings and virtualized managed services. For enterprises, Contrail Networking can increase business agility by enabling the migration of applications and IT resources to more flexible private or hybrid cloud environments.

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    • Network virtualization enables customized secure networks in a multitenant environment.
    • Simple policy control for inserting and chaining virtual network functions speeds time to market for services and improves business agility and predictability.
    • Open source, open standards, and open interfaces in the system architecture ensure transparency, vendor-agnostic interoperability, and a future-proof platform.
    • Infrastructure analytics and visualization provide insights into virtual and physical networks to simplify operations and decision making through proactive planning and predictive diagnostics.
    • The hypervisor-level vRouter forwarding plane provides line-rate overlay packet processing in a multitenant virtualized, containerized, or bare-metal environment completely decoupled from the underlying physical fabric switches.
    • Elastic, resilient VPN delivers openly standardized L3VPN and E-VPN style overlay that can easily span cloud boundaries with federation.
    • Gateway services in both software and vendor-agnostic hardware—Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers and QFX Series switches, for example—seamlessly offer high-speed connection to legacy networked workloads.
    • REST API facilitates configuration, operational, and analytical IT DevOps automation and integration with cloud orchestration systems.