Cloud-based network testing, design, and training environment

A cloud-based service that allows networking professionals to perform network testing, design, and training exercises in a risk-free virtual environment using real network operating systems.



    Junosphere Cloud is a virtual environment where users can create and run networks that use the Junos operating system. It reduces costs and limits risk by providing a lab where network implementations can be designed and modeled.

    Virtual networks created in Junosphere can be used for training, network modeling, planning for new services, or examining “what-if” scenarios for the installed network. They can easily achieve a level of scale and accuracy not possible with alternative network simulation approaches.

    Junosphere Services

    Junosphere Cloud is offered as a software-based service with pay-as-you-go options, or as an annual plan for more frequent users. Junosphere Cloud is offered a la carte as Junosphere Lab or Junosphere Classroom for the educational community.

    The annual plan gives administrators the ability to assign maximum and minimum resources to different user groups and projects, and includes overflow capacity when required. It also includes connectivity between Junosphere and a physical environment.

    Junosphere Components

    • Virtual Junos Images gives Junosphere users access to virtual machines deployed on Juniper’s physical routing devices.

    • Junosphere Connector allows virtual networking resources of Junosphere to interoperate directly with physical network elements.

    • Junos Space network automation applications can be used within Junosphere Cloud to provision, monitor, and configure the Junos OS images within the virtual environment.

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    • SaaS Platform provides maximum uptime and availability.
    • Efficient Scale enables larger networking resources for more accurate networks and topologies and reduced student-to-equipment ratio.
    • Demand-Based Pricing allows purchase of Junosphere access based on time and network size.
    • Real Operating System gives Junosphere users access to the same full-featured Junos OS running in thousands of commercial networks.
    • Flexible Network Designs include a variety of options for network topology design, including importing configurations from a live network, a graphical design wizard, and text-based configurations.
    • Flexibility and Agility allow virtual resources to be modified, ordered, and implemented much more quickly than physical networks.
    • Interoperability and Integration enable virtual resources to interoperate with real-world networks.
    • Complete Lab Ecosystem provides access to a variety of partner tools, in addition to Junos OS network elements.