Junos Application Aware

Classifies traffic for application-specific service delivery

Junos Application Aware identifies and classifies network traffic on a per-application basis. The network can then dynamically prioritize, treat, and steer traffic according to your policy rules.

    Junos Application Aware


    Junos Application Aware is licensed software for high-performance MX Series 3D Universal Edge routing platforms. It uses deep packet inspection (DPI), a signature database, and well-known IP addresses and TCP ports to identify applications associated with traffic flows. The software then consults operator-defined policies to determine how to treat these flows.

    The solution also reports comprehensive details of application-layer traffic patterns and statistics to back-office systems, management tools, and analytics engines, such as IBM’s The Now Factory (TNF). This helps operators manage network capacity and gain insight into customers’ behavior and the quality of their experiences.

    All these capabilities help service providers create highly customized services, meet service-level agreements (SLAs), ensure application fairness, and align network resources with application requirements.

    Part of the Service Control Gateway application suite, Junos Application Aware can be implemented independently, with software-defined networking (SDN) controllers such as Juniper Contrail Cloud, or with third-party virtual network functions (VNFs) and applications to create highly customized service chains.

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    • Dynamically redirects new flows to an application identification engine and checks for policy matches.
    • Supports service routing, which enhances provider edge, broadband network gateway, and other MX Series 3D applications.
    • Delivers Layer 4–7 telemetry data to charging systems and analytics engines.
    • Forwards, rate limits, marks, and drops packets according to operator-defined, application-specific policy.
    • Monitors and reports application-specific traffic and usage patterns.
    • Offered as a fully integrated option on select MX Series 3D Universal Edge routing platforms.

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