Junos Address Aware

Conserve and extend address pools

High speed combined with high-scale IPv4/IPv6 address translation and IPv6 deployment that provides better security and application experiences at industry-leading 40 Gbps throughput.

    Junos Address Aware


    Junos Address Aware is an addressing and tunneling software portfolio that helps network operators conserve and extend their IPv4 address pool, ensure IPv4 and IPv6 coexistence, and pragmatically transition to IPv6 in a cost-effective and low risk manner for chassis-based MX 3D Series Universal Edge Routers.

    Juniper’s network addressing solution portfolio consists of carrier-grade NAT, NAT, and IPv6 transition technologies, such as IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, NAT44, NAPT44, NAT-PT, NAT64, 6to4-PMT, 6rd, and DS-lite. These technologies help network operators improve the scale and performance of their networks, mitigate IPv4 address depletion, and transition to IPv6 based on their business needs.


    • Licensed software protects investments in new and existing MX Series 3D Universal Edge Routers.
    • MS-MPC and MS-MIC service cards provide high address-translation performance and density, enabling cost-effective service scale without impacting routing or forwarding functions.
    • One software license supports many technologies, including IPv4/IPv6 dual stack, NAT44, NAT64, and DS-Lite, providing deployment flexibility and nondisruptive address scheme evolution.
    • Low-risk service adoption is based on mature, field-proven products and protocols deployed on carrier-grade routers via software updates.
    • Rich application-level gateway support protects traffic and revenue streams by ensuring compatibility with popular applications that cannot be translated.

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