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Creating IP Addresses

You can create numbered and unnumbered IP addresses for IP interfaces. Numbered addresses can be either primary or secondary addresses.

NOTE: You must create a primary IP address before creating a secondary IP address.

To create an IP address:

  1. In the Device-wide Explorer, select IP Interfaces, right-click, and click List All.

A list of IP interfaces appears in the list area.

  1. Select the interface for which you want to create an IP address, right-click, select Create, and click IP Address.

The Create IP Address dialog box appears. Note that previously configured settings in the IP Major Interface group box, such as logical name, are displayed and you cannot edit them.

  1. Set the Address Information parameters (see Steps 5-6, starting on 72).

    NOTE: Be sure to click the Secondary Address checkbox.

  2. Click OK.

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