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Command-Line Interface Overview

The command-line interface (CLI) is the interface to the software that you use whenever you access the router—whether from the console or through a remote network connection. The CLI, which automatically starts after the router finishes booting, provides commands that you use to perform various tasks, including configuring the JUNOS software and monitoring and troubleshooting the software, network connectivity, and the router hardware.

The CLI is a straightforward command interface. You type commands on a single line, and the commands are executed when you press the Enter key. The CLI provides command help and command completion, and it also provides Emacs-style keyboard sequences that allow you to move around on a command line and scroll through a buffer that contains recently executed commands.

The CLI is indicated by the presence of the > prompt, which is preceded by a string that defaults to the name of the user and the name of the router. For example:


For information about customizing your CLI session, see Configure the Router with the CLI.

This chapter discusses the following topics:

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