Overview of the JUNOS Perl Module and Sample Scripts

The JUNOScript Perl distribution uses the same directory structure for Perl modules as the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (http://www.cpan.org/). This includes a lib directory for the JUNOS module and its supporting files, and an examples directory for the sample scripts.

The JUNOS module implements an object (JUNOS::Device) that client applications can use to communicate with a JUNOScript server. The library contains several modules, but client applications directly invoke only the JUNOS::Device object. All of the sample scripts use this object.

The sample scripts illustrate how to perform the following functions:

The following sample scripts are used together to illustrate how to store and retrieve data from the JUNOS XML API (or any XML-tagged data set) in a relational database. Although these scripts create and manipulate MySQL tables, the data manipulation techniques that they illustrate apply to any relational database. The scripts are provided in the examples/RDB directory in the JUNOScript Perl distribution:

For instructions on running the scripts, see the README or README.html file included in the JUNOScript Perl distribution.