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Enabling Operation Scripts

To enable operation scripts:

  1. Write an operation script.

    For information about writing operation scripts, see the JUNOS Configuration and Diagnostic Automation Guide.

  2. Copy the script to the /var/db/scripts/op directory.

    Only users with superuser privileges can access and edit files in the /var/db/scripts/op directory.

  3. Navigate to the top of the configuration hierarchy in either the J-Web or CLI configuration editor.
  4. Perform the configuration tasks described in Table 85.
  5. If you are finished configuring the network, commit the configuration.

Table 85: Enabling Operation Scripts


J-Web Configuration Editor

CLI Configuration Editor

Navigate to the Op level in the configuration hierarchy.

  1. In the J-Web interface, select Configuration>View and Edit>Edit Configuration.
  2. Next to System, click Configure or Edit.
  3. Next to Scripts, click Configure or Edit.
  4. Next to Op, click Configure or Edit.

From the [edit] hierarchy level, enter

edit system scripts op

Enable the operation script file—for example, op-script.xsl.

  1. Next to File, click Add new entry.
  2. In the Name box, type op-script.xsl.
  3. Click OK.

Set the script file name:

set file op-script.xsl

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