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Saving the Current Configuration

By default, the system automatically saves any change to the system configuration to nonvolatile storage (NVS). This feature is known as Automatic Commit mode, but has no effect on the CLI prompt. You can disable this feature by issuing the service manual-commit command. In Manual Commit mode (again with no effect on the CLI prompt), any configuration change affects only the current system configuration (the running configuration).

If you are in Manual Commit mode and want to save the configuration changes to NVS, you must issue either the write memory command or the copy running-configuration startup-configuration command.

If you change the configuration while in Manual Commit mode and issue the reload command without saving the changes to the startup configuration, the system provides a warning, allowing you to save the changes before reloading.

    copy running-configuration

host1#copy running-configuration system2.cnf

    copy running-configuration startup-configuration

host1#copy running-configuration startup-configuration

    copy startup-configuration

host1#copy startup-configuration system1.cnf

    service manual-commit

host1(config)#service manual-commit

    show configuration

host1#show configuration
! Configuration script being generated on TUE JAN 29 200X 
00:31:12 UTC! Juniper Networks Edge Routing Switch ERX-700
! Version: x.y.z (January 18, 200X 15:01)
! Copyright (c) 1999-200X Juniper Networks, Inc.  All rights 
! Juniper Networks Edge Routing Switch ERX-700
boot config running-configuration
boot system erx_x-y-z.rel
no boot backup
no boot subsystem
no boot backup subsystem
no boot force-backup
no boot slot
! Note:  The following commands are here to ensure that all 
virtual routers and
! vrfs are created before other commands that may need to 
reference them.
! These commands will be repeated further on as each virtual 
router and vrf
! has its configuration presented.
virtual-router default
virtual-router boston
ip vrf vpna
virtual-router vrA
hostname host1
exception protocol ftp anonymous null
controller t1 6/0
 channel-group 2 timeslots 1,3-8,10 speed 64
virtual-router vrA
aaa authentication ppp default radius
aaa accounting ppp default radius
ip address-pool local
interface null 0
ip bgp-community new-format
no ip source-route
! End of generated configuration script.

    write memory

host1#write memory

    show running-configuration

host1#show running-configuration

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