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Setting the System Clock Manually

Before you set the system clock, obtain the following information about your time zone:

The international Web site www.timeanddate.com contains information about time zones.

Caution: Be sure to set the time zone and summer time dates before you set the clock.

You can set the system clock at any time. This process involves the following steps:

  1. Set the time zone.
  2. Set the summer time dates.
  3. Set the time.
  4. Check the clock settings.

    clock set

host1#clock set 08:12:42 12 March 2000
host1#clock set 11:12:55 March 10 2000

    clock summer-time date

host1(config)#clock summer-time PDT date 1 April 200X 2:00 

31 October 200X 2:00 60

    clock summer-time recurring

host1(config)#clock summer-time PDT recurring first Sunday 
April 2:00 last Sunday October 2:00

    clock timezone

host1(config)#clock timezone EST -5

This sets the time zone to 5 hours behind UTC.

    show clock

host1#show clock detail
FRI DEC 17 1999 15:39:42 EST
time source: manually entered by user
timezone: EST (-300 minutes from UTC)
DST start: 04/02/2000 02:00 EST
DST stop:  10/31/1999 02:00 EDT
DST offset: 60 minutes 

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