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Managing vty Lines

The system supports 20 virtual tty (vty) lines for Telnet, SSH, and FTP services. Each Telnet, SSH, or FTP session requires one vty line. When you connect to the system via a vty line, the number of the vty line is not assigned sequentially; instead, the system assigns the first vty line that passes the host access list check rules.

Configuring vty Lines

By default five vty lines (0-4) are open. You can open additional lines using the line vty command. Once lines are open, login is enabled by default. Before users can access the lines, you must configure a password, disable login using the no login command, or configure AAA authentication on the lines.

    line vty

host1(config)#line vty 6 10


host1(config-line)#password 0 mypassword
host1(config-line)#password 5 y13_x
host1(config-line)#password 7 x13_2

For more information about configuring security for vty lines, see Chapter 6, Passwords and Security.

Clearing vty Lines

Use the clear line command to clear a vty line. Using this command terminates any service, such as an FTP session, on this line and closes any open files.

    clear line

host1#clear line 2

Monitoring vty Lines

Use the show line vty command to monitor vty lines.

    show line vty

host1#show line vty 0
no access-class in
data-character-bits 8
exec-timeout 3w 3d 7h 20m 0s
exec-banner enabled
motd-banner enabled
login-timeout 30 seconds 

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