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Using the Remote Desktop Launcher

End-user can connect to a terminal server by:

  • Entering rdp://hostname in the Secure Access browser bar
  • Creating a terminal services bookmark
  • Using the remote desktop launcher (RDPLauncher)

RDPLauncher uses the Terminal Services section in the end-user home page and allows the end-user to enter a terminal service IP address or hostname. The default server port is 3389.

RDPLauncher provides only the screen. User experience options are not available through RDPLauncher. For example, the following options in the New Terminal Services Sessions window do not apply to terminal services launched through RDPLauncher:

  • Client port
  • Authentication settings
  • Start application settings
  • Connect Devices settings
  • Display Settings
  • Remote Audio

To allow end-users to use RDPLauncher,

  1. Select the Terminal Services option in Users > User Roles > Role Name > General > Overview.
  2. Select Enable Remote Desktop Launcher in Users > User Roles > Role Name > Terminal Services > Options.
  3. (optional) If your end-users are on non-Windows systems, such as a Macintosh or Linux system, select Enable Java for Remote Desktop Launcher and select the applet to use.

Note: If you select Hob-Juniper RDP Applet from the Applet to Use menu, you must select the Configure HTML for the default applet checkbox in order to edit the HTML. Otherwise, the default HTML is used.

Screen size and color depth parameters for the RDPLauncher terminal services session are defined through Preferences > General on the end-users home page.

Published: 2012-05-15