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show gre tunnel


show gre tunnel [ detail ] [ state tunnelStatus ]
[ tunnelName | [ virtual-router vrName ] ip ipAddress ] [ filter ] [ summary ]

To display summary information:

show gre tunnel summary [ filter ]

Release Information

Command introduced before JunosE Release 7.1.0.


Displays information about GRE tunnels.


  • detail—Shows detailed tunnel information about GRE tunnels
  • tunnelStatus—State of tunnels for which information is displayed; one of the following:
    • disabled—Tunnel is disabled
    • down—Tunnel is not operational
    • enabled—Tunnel is enabled
    • lower-down—Interface layer lower below the tunnel is not operational
    • not-present—Tunnel service module is not in slot
    • up—Tunnel is operational
  • tunnelName—Name of a tunnel for which you want to display information
  • vrName—Name of a virtual router for which tunnel information is displayed
  • ipAddress—IP address associated with tunnel
  • filter—See Filtering show Commands
  • summary—Displays summary information


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Published: 2012-01-12