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JUNOS® Software - VPNs Configuration, Release 11.2

Provides an overview of Virtual Private Network (VPN) concepts, as well as configuration information, examples, and reference information about VPNs. In the context of the Junos Software, a VPN consists of two topological areas: the provider’s network and the customer’s network. The customer’s network is commonly located at multiple physical sites and is also private (non-Internet). The provider’s network, which runs across the public Internet infrastructure, consists of routers that provide VPN services to a customer’s network as well as routers that provide other services. The provider’s network connects the various customer sites in what appears to the customer to be a private network. To ensure that VPNs stay private and isolated from other VPNs and from the public Internet, the Junos Software in the provider’s network relies on VPN features and routing policies to ensure that routing information from different VPNs remains separated.


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