VF-OS Dates & Milestones

The table below details important information relevant to each VF-OS software release. The dates and milestones provided are in accordance with the policies of VF-OS at the time of each software release and are in accordance with stated End of Life/End of Support policies for Juniper Networks.

ProductFRS DateEnd of EngineeringEnd of Life/
End of Support
VF-OS 6.0.4 R2 Q406 01/31/20122 01/31/20122
VF-OS 6.0.4 R1 03/31/2006 09/30/2007 09/30/2008
VF-OS 5.3.1-AR-(NTRV) 10/01/2003 11/01/20061 11/01/2007
VF-OS 5.3.1-SC-(NTRV+Aggregation) 10/01/2003 11/01/20061 11/01/2007
VF-OS 5.3.1-N-(323) 10/01/2003 11/01/20061 11/01/2007
VF-OS 5.3.1-Q-(Topology hiding) 10/01/2003 11/01/20061 11/01/2007

NOTE: All VF-OS software releases, prior to 5.3.1, have reached End of Engineering and End of Life dates.

For VF-OS software products, the period of active engineering support will be the current release plus two (2) subsequent releases, or up to eighteen (18) months from the FRS date, whichever occurs first. All software releases are considered major.

Update releases (e.g. service, maintenance, patch) will no longer be created for major software releases after the end of engineering (EOE) date.

JTAC support will continue after EOE for two (2) subsequent releases or up to twelve (12) months, whichever occurs first. After EOE and until EOL JTAC support will be generally limited to investigation and troubleshooting in an attempt to provide solutions and workarounds.

When the release reaches EOL the software images are removed from www.juniper.net and JTAC will only provide support on a commercially reasonable effort basis.

1 VF-OS EOE date, for all 5.3.1 releases only, has been extended to thirty-seven (37) months after the FRS date.

2 VF-OS 6.0.4 R2 is the final release of VF-OS and will be supported until the End of Support (EOS) date for all VF-series platforms is reached in January of 2012.

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