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Title: Sebastian Bunka myphpPagetool Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability

Severity: HIGH


myphpPagetool is an application used to maintain a web site using a mysql database, which stores and manage all web pages and their contents. myphpPagetool is written in PHP and maintained by Sebastian Bunka.

A problem exists in myphpPagetool that will allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code on a host running the software(with the privileges of the webserver process). It is possible to supply arbitrary data to the $include variable. This variable is used to specify a file containing PHP code that is to be executed. In PHP, values for script variables may be supplied from a web browser if they are not explicitly defined or initiated by the script. As a result, the affected script may be redirected to execute arbitrary code located on an external host, as specified by the attacker.

This issue can be exploited if the remote attacker submits a maliciously crafted URL.

This is an example of a malicious web request which will cause the script to execute arbitrary code supplied by the attacker:


Affected Products:

  • Sebastian Bunka myphpPagetool 0.4.3-1


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