The New Network Goes Wireless

The new Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio adds a complete wireless LAN solution to the new network for enterprises that need campus- and remote office WiFi solutions.

The New Network is Now Wireless

Wireless network access is not just a convenience; it's a necessity in today's business environment. Whether you're delivering enterprise computing to campus and remote locations, or a healthcare provider delivering time-critical services, wireless access is critical to your network.

Juniper Networks, Inc. acquired Trapeze Networks in December, and has now integrated these excellent wireless products into the network solutions we offer. These innovative wireless controllers, access points and management tools are the most scalable and reliable in the industry, and are the only ones that offer hitless failover for all sessions under even the most extreme network failure conditions.

In addition, the wireless LAN management tools Juniper now offers include the most advanced wireless LAN planning tools available and deliver embedded location awareness for any WiFi device. The three-dimensional indoor-outdoor planning tools are critical in any network environment, and the location tools are especially important for the healthcare industry, where the location of a doctor or of a critical medical technology resource, is often a time-critical issue.

The Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio includes the WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers, the WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points, and the WLM Series Wireless LAN Management products. Traditional Trapeze customers can look at the table below to find the Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio name of the products they have previously purchased.

Trapeze Product Juniper Wireless LAN Portfolio Product
WLAN Controllers WLC Series Wireless LAN Controllers
MX-200R WLC200
MX-800R WLC800
MX-2800 WLC2800
Wireless LAN Access Points WLA Series Wireless LAN Access Points
MP-371 - 802.11 WLA371
MP-422B - 802.11 WLA422
MP-522 - 802.11n WLA522
MP-432 - 802.11n WLA432
MP-632 - 802.11n WLA632
Wireless LAN Management Wireless LAN Management
RingMaster Appliance WLM1200
Location Appliance WLM1200
RingMaster Global RingMaster Global
Ringmaster Software RingMaster Software
SmartPass SmartPass

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