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Errata and Changes in Documentation for Junos OS Release 12.3 for PTX Series Packet Transport Routers


  • The OSPF Configuration Guide incorrectly includes the transmit-interval statement at the [edit protocols ospf area area interface interface-name] hierarchy level. The transmit-interval statement at this hierarchy level is deprecated in the Junos OS command-line interface.

    [OSPF Configuration Guide]

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The documentation fails to clearly describe the characters that can be used for SNMPv3 authentication passwords. Besides numbers, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters, the following special characters are supported:

    , . / \ < > ; : ' [ ] { } ~ ! @ # $ % ^ * _ + = - `

    In addition, the following special characters are also supported, but you must enclose them within quotation marks (“”) if you enter them on the CLI; if you use a Network Management System to enter the password, the quotation marks are not required:

    | & ( ) ?

    The documentation also fails to clearly state that characters entered by simultaneously pressing the Ctrl key and additional keys are not supported. [PR/883083: This issue has been resolved]

  • The syntax of the filter-interfaces statement in the SNMP Configuration Statement section is incorrect. The correct syntax is as follows:
    filter-interfaces {all-internal-interfaces;interfaces interface-names{interface 1;interface 2;}}

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Modified: 2016-06-09