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Outstanding Issues in Junos OS Release 12.3 for ACX Series Routers

The following issues currently exist in Juniper Networks ACX Series Universal Access Routers. The identifier following the descriptions is the tracking number in the Juniper Networks Problem Report (PR) tracking system.

General Routing

  • In case of any problem during boot-up, box will automatically reboot to Alternate slice and give customer chance to recover the primary slice by snapshot command. If autosnapshot is enabled, snapshot will be taken automatically on successful boot to Alternate slice. PR839286
  • CFM MEP over L2VPN/L2 circuit on ACX Series no longer requires no-control-word to be configured under L2VPN or l2-circuit hierarchy. PR864317
  • When 16xCHE1/T1 MIC is online Routing Engine driven BFD sessions may flap PR892011
  • AI-Scripts bundle install fails on ACX Series platform running Junos OS Release 12.3X52. PR925102
  • Customer may see Power Supply Failure/Removed SNMP messages. As long as you do not see any failures and alarms on chassis, these are cosmetic messages. PR929629
  • Release with fix for FEB core due to CFM decadency flap. PR940904
  • Image download via FTP on to ACX Series through inband takes a long time when compared to FXP. Changing the receive rate towards the CPU has helped in improving the transfer rate. PR979858
  • TWAMP packets reflected out on ACX Series routers go out on forwarding class specified under :"set class-of-service host-outbound-traffic forwarding-class <>". Also, the 802.1p/CFI bits of the incoming packet are not preserved after reflection. PR986997
  • Upon unplanned power loss, ACX1100 may say "/var/log: write failed, filesystem is full." upon login. This issue is fixed in 12.3X54-D15.1. PR1027641
  • The following error message is seen in the Packet Forwarding Engine when you delete the pseudowire with scale: LOG: Err] acx_bcm_mpls_nni_port_delete: port stat ctr get failed VPN:12295 mpls_gport:402657148 (-7:Entry not found) This does not have any functional impact. PR1096405
  • ACX 2100 negotiating the speed to 1000 Mbps when SFP+-10G-ZR transceiver plugged in to 10 GE port xe-1/3/1 PR1120288

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Modified: 2016-06-09